Quality Management

 MICA specializes in ISO 9001-2008 consulting, auditing and training. Our staff can offer your company proven tools and methods through to ISO implementation including training, auditing and customer focused implementation strategy. To help you pursue opportunities that will deliver increased value to your business and delight customers.

MICA’s philosophy is not only focus on working within your organization but also to add value to your businesses.

MICA integrates this philosophy into our services by encouraging your staff to implement simple, streamlined quality management system that is ISO compliant and one that continually improves your company’s business performance.

ISO Consulting

MICA can provide you with the support you need to achieve and maintain ISO certification for your organization. Based on your company’s needs, we will assemble a team of experts that can guide you through the steps to meet and achieve ISO standard compliance and certification. MICA has assisted many small and medium - sized organizations in working towards ISO certification.   MICA clients enjoy our flexibility in organizing and developing solution that fits their needs and they view us as an invaluable partner towards achieving their goals of high – quality services.

ISO Training

MICA can provide hands-on ISO training that is designed to take you through the process necessary to become ISO compliant.

The training includes both lecture and interactive sessions. The lecture teaches while work sessions train. This interactive learning style provides you with the information that goes beyond the general ISO theory and helps to improve skills, strategies and support that is required for a successful ISO implementation.

The courses are designed to walk you through the ISO standard’s concepts and requirements. The training materials are reflective of this approach and also include information gained from the experiences of our certified ISO Auditors and Consultants.

ISO Audit

MICA will select for your organization qualified auditors based on the specified requirements of your sector. We will take into account your organization’s business, activities, location of premises, size and complexity before embarking upon this project.

 Upon confirmation, we will agree a date to conduct our audit on your organization.

Typically, our audit strategy follows the phased approach listed below in auditing organization.

  • Plan Quality Audit
  • Perform Quality Audit
  • Evaluate Quality Audit
  • Summarize Audit Result
  • Prepare Audit Report
  • Review Audit Report
  • Track Implementation

Findings of the audit itself are categorized into two areas of concern namely:

  • Major non – compliances
  • Minor non – compliances

Based on these findings, the Lead Assessor assigned to your organization will not only leave a set of recommendations with your committee, but also will guide and assist the implementation process.

MICA and Our Value Proposition to you

MICA core value proposition to our clients is to always ensure that we offer the best possible solution to our clients. As an ISO 9001-2008 Certified organization, we practice what we preach and this has culminated in our considerable success in delivering solutions to our clients in and around the Gulf.

Talk to our consultants today to determine how we can help your organization achieve its desired levels of quality management.

Mica is certified according to ISO 9001, 2008.