Project Management Services

MICA KSA provides the full spectrum of project management services. Our focus remains firmly on our clients through pro-active communication, collaboration, leading edge technology, and good old-fashioned hard work.
From the beginning, your timing and budget goals drive the decision-making process.
The management of contract / contracts as an integrated and standardized set of processes and procedures that will achieve:

  • The identification of methods which allow the optimization and coordination of resources and effort within time guidelines for each party and part of the project to achieve and implement of the overall PM plan.
  • The identification of alternatives and costs of contingency plans.
  • Coordinate and integrate of the various deliverables within the project.
  • An ongoing analysis of the scope of the project including an examination of the factors that impact on it and how best to deal with these factors.
  • The advantageous use of specific and renewable information as inputs for the project management plan and as updates in the main processes affecting the project life cycle.

MICA KSA project management team manages the time schedule / schedules, as one of the most important management tools of the project through:

Follow-up on the various programs linked to the master time schedule such as equipment program, manpower programs and material procurement program:

  • Follow-up on the impact of ongoing events in the project on the base line time schedule.
  • Study and follow-up on the impact of proposed changes to parts of the project on time.
  • Study and analyze the relationships between the stages and the main parts of the project and propose solution/s based on their impact on possible project delay.
  • Study of the impact of the monthly performance percentage result for the various programs of the project and the solutions proposed to recover these delays.

MICA KSA project management team will study and manage the costs of the project at different levels of cost elements and throughout its main standard stages as follows:


The project management team manage the studies of the estimated cost of the project (in accordance with the requirements of the project stakeholder in terms of ways of measuring the cost and accuracy) and the distribution of these cost on parts, items and the various activities and then apply technique of value engineering to propose reasonable and applicable changes on the key elements such as the design of certain elements, implementation methods, materials to be used, the rules and specifications governing the work to take advantage of this technique in the management of project costs.


The project management team to prepare the cost budget by reviewing the cost estimate for the activities, phases and the different parts of the project and prepare the project cash flow, study the financing gaps and identify proposed solutions.


The project management team will manage the activities of cost and budget control by reviewing the impact of any changes in the project or parts thereof on the overall project cost and propose changes that may be required. Initiate corrective actions and issue periodic updates on the main cash flow and examine the performance index in the light of proposed future cost.
MICA KSA project management team maintain the quality of the project through:
Follow-up of the approval and implementation stage of quality plans of parts and phases of the project and the levels of achievement for the stated objectives of the quality of the project

  • Implement a plan for quality assurance for parts and phases of the project to obtain the standardization of procedures: implement best practice in the area of accuracy and proficiency leading to successful project completion and customer satisfaction.

MICA KSA project management team manage the human resources of the project through:

  • Follow-up approval of human resources and manpower plans of all Parties and phases of the project. Implementation of these plans and achievement of its recommended qualifications to implement the project with these resources efficiently in addition, follow-up studies and analysis being prepared by the Project Management Team of the rates of productivity, efficiency and its corrective actions
  • manage the management work team through, monitoring the performance, providing information, solving problems and improve efficiency.

MICA KSA project management team manages the communications system in the project to ensure the generation of information from the different parts and different phases of the project, is collected, distributed, retrieved and disposed of using the customized standard forms for IT Solution programs: to facilitate performance of the supervision and management activities and achieve all relevant requirements

  • Explaining and adjusting ambiguities, discrepancies, errors and omissions in the contract documents.
  • Arranging Project Monthly Progress Meetings with all parties involved in the project.
  • Assisting in settling any differences of opinion that may arise with the Contractor.
  • Advise the client in the event of any persistent failure by the contractors to comply with the contract documents and in the event of an unsatisfactory rate of performance.
  • Advise the client and the Contractor in all matters regarding the requirements and interpretation of the contract documents.
  • Prepare, follow up and update the project risk management plan.
  • Prepare, compile, participate and manage dispute period' activities.