Planning And Scheduling

Owners, engineers and contractors enter into projects expecting success. Unfortunately, any number of factors including poor planning, unforeseen conditions, major delays and disruptions can derail a project. MICA offers highly structured Project Planners to manage the ever changing and complex project environment. Our consultants have vast experience in planning & scheduling functions for various projects and our planning engineers are equipped to assist your project team in anyway possible. We work with our clients to track, analyze and make decisions based on critical project information. Our Professional Consultants specializes in the following key elements of project management.

  • Project planning and implementation.
  • Project planning and administration.
  • Project control and performance monitoring.
  • Integrated project control processes and solutions.
  • Project risk management
  • Preparing, reviewing and extension of time claim (EoT).
  • Project control implementation (Time - Control, Cost - Control, Document - Control ).

By outsourcing to MICA , you will be able to reduce resources and quality problems associated with handling management and control phases of your huge projects as well as gain access to our company's wealth of knowledge as the leading project management controller in this region.