Process Engineering

How Do We Work With You?

In the Beginning…

When invited by you to discuss your project requirements or organizational needs, we ask key questions and listen carefully to understand your specific requirements or needs. After collecting information in a sensing meeting(s), we analyze the situation and then present a proposal to you that outlines what we believe is an effective approach meeting your needs.

The Framework…

Our proposal will contain a detailed project plan and a description of the consulting team. Our project plan enables you to understand what are the goals, activities and outcomes of each phase. Then, in consultation with you we will modify and refine the project plan to more fully meet your requirements or needs. Next, we jointly decide which aspects of the project plan are best handled by your own staff and where you could most strategically use consulting assistance.

The Relationship…

We create this collaborative, collegial relationship with you at the beginning of the consulting assignment for sound reasons. This relationship enables you to get the results that you need and want while still managing your consulting budget effectively. You determine how your financial resources can be leveraged for the maximum value for you and your organization. We regularly submit detailed documents to ensure that you always understand what your are paying for so that you can judge the value of the results that your are getting for the amount spent. On the other hand, by fully understanding your requirements and acting as partners with you, we can provide high quality, fully customized consulting support to give you the best results in a responsible, cost effective manner.

Training Courses in Process Engineering

No. 1: Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical engineering application using HYSYS-Basics
  • Chemical engineering application using HYSYS-Advanced
Chemical engineering application using PRO/II
Chemical engineering application using Prosim
Chemical engineering application using ChemCAD
Chemical engineering application using MatLab
Mud Engineering
Introduction to drilling fluids and mud Engineering

No. 2: Process engineering using the most advanced software (Prosim Plus)

  • ProSimPlus: Steady-state processes simulation
  • ProSimPlus HNO3: Steady-state nitric acid plants simulation
  • ProPhy Plus 2: Thermodynamic properties and fluid phase equilibrium calculations
  • Simulis® Thermodynamics: Thermodynamic server
  • BatchColumn: Batch distillation columns simulation
  • BatchReactor: Chemical batch reactors simulation and a kinetic identification
  • ProSim DAC: Dynamic gas-liquid adsorption column simulation
  • ProSim DEP: Dynamic vessel depressurization simulation
  • ARIANE: Energy management and optimization of industrial plant
  • ProSec: Simulation of Brazed Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers
  • ProSim PDR: Process Data Repository
  • REGSOL Expert: Entrainer selection for continuous distillation
  • QuantumWise – Virtual NanoLab

For more information refer to prosim site Click me.