Safety Consultancy:

1.0 Safety systems Development & Documentation

  • 1.1 Our expertise checks the current safety management system of the respective client and draw the plan to upgrade, intergraded, compile and document the system according to the internationally recognized standard.
  • 1.2 In full cooperation with respective client’s representative, our expertise prepare all safe working procedures and instructions which cover all client’s work activities.
  • 1.3 A work proposal or agreement will then be prepared including Timetable and cost to be delivered to concerned client for review and/ or acceptance.

2.0 HSE Compliance Auditing

Upon acceptance, our expertise plan an audit to inspect work locations, monitor work actual performance and inspect equipment and tools in order to prepare a report formed of violations and suggested remedial action.

3.0 Calculation of Cost (FINANCIAL PROPOSAL)

Cost of site visit audit including preparation of the report and consequent meetings for discussion and conclusion shall be handed over to each client separately based on the work volume.

Safety Training:

See Safety Courses