Facility And Property Management

MICA KSA business proposition helps customers reduce costs and focus on their core businesses. We understand the challenges property owners face every day and we have designed our services to ensure the smooth operation of your property in an efficient and effective manner.
We help provide specific property manager(s) for your property which are accessible 24/7 all year round, aside from helping to train building staff.
We invest heavily in developing our operations, professional know-how and staff training and information technology application .Our key aim is to offer a customer oriented, reliable and professional service by following the “good property management guide”.


  • Advertising and leasing of units
  • Arranging unit inspections.
  • Ensuring of completion of rental application.
  • Preparing leases from security deposit, check in-list.
  • Inspecting and certifying the property prior to the tenants moving in.
  • Upon move out inspection.
  • Preparing and facilitating final settlement of security deposit.


  • Monthly reports (show all receipts and disbursements. Original bills for any repair work performed at the property will be attached for the owner's record).
  • Arranging, coordinating as well as preparing minutes of meetings.
  • Maintenance of property records.
  • Preparing annual reports.
  • Arranging annual or semi-annual inspections.
  • Receiving all tenant inquiries.
  • Representation on rent review matters.
  • Submitting copies of all reports to the owner for their record.


  • Routine property inspection.
  • Detailed semi- annual physical inspections of property.
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Tender and supervise maintenance services and contracts.
  • Supervising the regular maintenance.
  • Special Maintenance: acquire bids for major needs for the owner to review.
  • Janitorial services.
  • Emergency 24 Hour Service.
  • Lawn maintenance.


  • Providing cleaning services.
  • Providing security services.
  • Receiving inquiries and complaints.
  • Quick response and resolution to all inquires and complaint.