Building Commissioning

Commissioning is an increasingly important discipline today as building owners look to optimize their investment!
MICA continues to develop its portfolio of project and engineering consulting services by offering Commissioning Services to its clients.
Building commissioning is an important quality assurance service in the building industry. Commissioning is being integrated into the construction process to ensure that owners and investors get good returns for their investments. It is a method of risk reduction for new construction projects or major capital improvements (i.e. renovations) and it is a comprehensive way to assess and tune up performance of existing buildings.
In the Western world, commissioning has played a big role in helping to underline the importance of processes in meeting the necessary building certification standards and in turn this has encompassed green building standards as well.
MICA's experience means we can help your organization develop its commissioning framework and provide the necessary guidance to meet guideline standard.
Typically, in setting up a successful commissioning framework, an organization can achieve operational savings of $4 over the first five years of occupancy as a direct result of every $1 invested in commissioning. This is an excellent return on investment in any business model.
However, the cost of not utilizing commissioning best practices is equal to the cost of correcting operational deficiencies plus the cost of operational inefficiency.
For a mission-critical facility, the cost of not utilizing commissioning can be measured by the cost of downtime and the lack of appropriate facility use.



Our consultants have a number of years of experience in this field having previously completed Commissioning related projects, especially in Canada among others.
With climate change and the greater emphasis placed on green building technology in most of today's major projects, the role of Commissioning has become an even greater asset.


MICA 's core value proposition to our clients is to always ensure that we offer the best possible solution to our clients. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, we practice what we preach and this has culminated in our considerable success in delivering solutions to our clients in and around the Gulf.



 MICA will develop a complete series of detailed documentation that outlines and captures the design intent, operating sequences and test procedures


MICA will oversee and complete verification of system performance based on extensive functional testing and measurement

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